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Gili Air

gili air tropical waterLocated off the North West Coast of Lombok, and just a short journey East of Bali, the 3 enchanting Gili Islands are found, surrounded by crystal clear water, draped in Palm trees and blessed with beautiful tropical beaches. The Gilis now cater for all forms of travelers, with a variety of activities, and accommodation to suit every taste and budget. This has been achieved while maintaining the peaceful atmosphere typically associated with a tropical island retreat.

coconut grove gili airGili Air offers accommodation for all levels of a budget but has resisted the westernized feel of the bigger Islands, maintaining the island paradise feel whilst still offering a wide variety of cuisine and accommodation. Our beachside shop and accommodation are set in beautiful gardens which blend in perfectly with the atmosphere of the Islands.

Gili Air is becoming known as the more romantic island, more suited for families, backpackers and people wanting to find total relaxation.gili air sunrise over mt rinjani

No motorized vehicles are allowed on any of the 3 Islands which just adds to the romance of the Gilis. If the 1-hour walk around the Island is too much energy to spend on your holiday you can travel in the quaint Cidomo's which are basically the Gili version of taxis! They are horse-drawn carts and as long as you haggle you can have a great experience for a very reasonable price.

gili air boy fishing Most visitors to the Gilis are here to dive in our crystal clear waters, but there are many more activities to keep you entertained during your stay! If you are not a diver why not just snorkel. Even if the water is not your thing there are still many other activities nearby such as yoga, sightseeing tours in Lombok, massages and of course, trying out a cooking course in the local cuisine!

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