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Deep Turbo - Advanced and above

gili air manta raySea Mound. Depth: 18-35 M, a 25-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Advanced divers only.

Drop into the blue and descend into a pristine coral sea mound rising from the sandy bottom. Lying North of Gili Trawangan, Deep Turbo's dramatic topography and equally striking coral garden make this dive site a local favorite.  This site is ideal for experienced divers and Nitrox diving.  The deep average depth of Deep Turbo makes it maximize the use of Nitrox to increase your bottom time safely.  This is one of the really special dives the Gili Islands offers.  

Swim through a maze of giant Gorgonian Sea Fans and soft corals, and peer into the deep blue to catch schools of Batfish and giant Bumphead Parrotfish. Look out into the sandy areas to catch a glimpse of Spotted Eagle Rays. White and Black Tip Reef Sharks can be seen patrolling around this reef, and a keen eye will find cryptic Pygmy Seahorses hiding within the Sea Fans. 

This site is especially nice on a medium current day, you will drift along from mound to mound with the current, looking out for sleeping Green Turtles.  This site is also an excellent as a part of the Advanced Adventurer course as is the perfect challenge for a confident student on the second day of the course.    Occasionally the currents or waves limit the accessibility of this site,  contact us today to check availability for Deep Turbo.  

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