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Gili Air Harbour - All Levels

teluk nare nudibranchMuck Dive. Depth: 5-18 M, 5-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

Located on the Southern tip of Gili Air, the harbor is the perfect place to discover muck diving. No boat? No problem! The harbor is one of the few sites on Gili Air accessible from shore.  Let the lights of town guide you on your nocturnal journey.  Our guides will show you the best Gili Air diving has to offer.  

Ride a Cidomo horse cart down to the harbor for a shore entry and for a truly unique experience. Daytime boat traffic limits the use of this dive site to after 5 pm.  But the site is an amazing night dive location, home to many unique creatures you will not find on any other Gili Island reef.  

Dive just before sunset for a chance to view the mesmerizing and elusive Mandarin Fish, which only peer out of the dense Staghorn Coral gardens during a short window each day.  Air Harbour is also a perfect spot for a relaxing night dive as it is protected from wind, swell and current.  Often Advanced Adventurer Courses are taken to this site if they choose to complete the Night Adventure Dive.  It is always a favorite of fun divers, creature lovers, and photographers alike, as it offers the opportunity for many unique sightings.  

Schooling Sweet lips, Hawks bill Turtles, Octopus, Banded Pipe fish and Sponge Crabs are some of the usual suspects at this dive site. Explore the shallow silty slope near shore to hunt for rare critters like Seahorses, Harlequin Sweet lips, Robust Ghost Pipe fish, Cockatoo Wasp fish, and Bobtail Squid. Contact us to book your dive course or fun dive in the Gili Air Harbour.  


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