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Glenn Nusa Wreck

Ship Wreck.  Depth 22 m - 28 m.   25 min from dive center.  Advanced divers only.  

Nusa Glenn GiliTThe Glenn Nusa was originally a tug boat which has now been cleaned and sunk to create a new dive site.  It was sunk in February 2016 to create habitat for fish and corals.  It was a collaborative project between all the dive centers and the Gili Eco Trust.  Most dive centers in the Gilis all contributed to the project so that we can all enjoy a new dive site!  Now efforts are in place to make it another Biorock, which will accelerate coral growth on the structure. 

The wreck is ideally situated in 28 m of water along the flat sand bottom between Halik and Shark Point.  It is 22 m long and 6 m high.  Advanced Adventurer Courses can complete the Deep, or Wreck Adventure as it meets the requirements for both! If there is medium current, you can start your dive on the Glenn Nusa and end your dive drifting along the best of Shark Point. 

Nusa Glenn 3It is a perfect site for Wreck Specialties, as we finally have a wreck on the Gilis that is suitable for recreational divers.  It has been cleaned of debris before sinking so that it is safe for penetration by properly trained divers. 

This site is quickly accumulating fish life and will continue to grow as or time passes.  Come check out our newest dive site!  Please contact us for more information. 






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