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Simon’s Reef - Advanced and above

giant moray eel gili islandsPatch Reef. Depth: 18-35+M, 15-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Advanced divers only.

Descend into the blue onto a stunning coral reef rising from the deep surrounded by white sand. As the top of the reef is 18 m, this site is only accessible to advanced divers, who can drift over some of the healthiest and most diverse corals in the Gilis.  This site is also ideal for experienced and/or Nitrox divers as the average depth of Simon’s makes your bottom time increase greatly with the use of Nitrox.  Fun divers can enjoy the pristine corals you can see diving on the Gili Islands.  

It is possible to complete Simon's Reef as part of the Advanced Adventurer Course.  This is the perfect location to challenge yourself with a panoramic descent onto the reef.  

Perfect for wide angle photography, everything seems bigger at Simon’s Reef. From the Giant Gorgonian Sea Fans to the enormous Barrel Sponges; Spotted Eagle Rays, Green Sea Turtles, and White Tip Reef Sharks can also be seen cruising along the reef canyons. Every color of the rainbow is represented here from Blue and Yellow Fusiliers, vibrant purple Sea Whips, to bright orange Sea Fans. Trained eyes can also find the smallest of ocean wonders, including Pygmy Sea Horses, Porcelain Crabs, Hairy Squat Lobsters and vibrant Nudibranchs.

Contact us to book your space on the boat.  

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