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Specialties and Master Diver

Once Deep Specialty Course you have continued your experience through the SSI Advanced Adventurer course, the next step in the SSI Educational rating is the SSI Specialty Diver,  comprised of 2 Specialties of your choice and 12 logged dives.  These courses are only one to two days in length and will increase your confidence underwater with challenging dives guided by our experienced Instructors.  

Specialty Courses

Minimum OW Certification required for all Specialty Courses.  These are a few we offer: 

Perfect Buoyancy Specialty at Hans ReefDeep Dive to 40 meters!  3 Dives to train to deal with increasing pressure and challenge yourself! By far the most popular Specialty Course we offer.  A fun course that will improve your skills and confidence underwater.  

Enriched Air Nitrox Teaches you how to use and dive safely with Enriched Air.  This course can be offered with or without dives and can easily fit into an afternoon if you choose the second option.  Add an additional layer of safety to your diving, or if your air consumption allows, you can stay longer at depth with Nitrox than with air.   

Navigation  If you struggle with orientation underwater, this can be improved with this fun 2 Dive course.  Learn techniques to combine using a compass and natural navigation to create confidence in yourself and in your navigation abilities underwater.  

Night or Limited Visibility  Do you love finding the unexpected and exploring new environments?  This course will take you into the basics of light use and signaling while helping you master your buoyancy control.  Gain access to new unexplored realms of low visibility (read muck diving) were the best creatures are waiting for you.  

Perfect Buoyancy An essential course to improve air consumption and body positioning in the water.  If you struggle to control position while diving, this can be improved considerably with this easy, fun 2 Dive course.  

Recreational SidemountSidemount Specialty A 2-day course to challenge the experienced diver with two tanks instead of the traditional single tank.  Also, tanks are attached to your sides, which makes for a killer profile underwater.   For those that like to consume lots of air, this is your solution, carry two tanks!  

Stress and Rescue  Learn to help others within water emergencies.  A 3 day, challenging course is also one of the most rewarding.   

Wreck  Dive the Glenn Nusa Wreck and explore what lies below.  This 2 Dive course teaches the basics of diving Wrecks safely.  

FREE Recognition Courses These certification levels with SSI are available to reward your dedication and enthusiasm towards divingNusa Glenn GiliT. The SSI Specialty Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water Diver, and SSI Master Diver are recognition cards awarded to divers FREE of cost. You receive the Recognition card automatically when you have completed the requirements at any SSI shop.

Advanced Open Water Diver  Requiring the completion of the Advanced Adventurer plus 4 specialty courses and 24 logged dives.

Master Diver

 5 Specialty courses including Stress and Rescue Specialty and 50 + logged dives.  Completing Specialty courses will increase your knowledge and skills dramatically as you challenge yourself to become a Master Scuba Diver.  The experience gained in Master Scuba Diver will assist you if you decided to take the step to complete the SSI Dive Master and turn your passion into your new profession!  For more information contact us at info@manta-dive-giliair.com.  

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