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React Right Course

ThReact Right Coursee SSI React Right Course is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to assist in an emergency situation. During this course our Instructor will teach you to life-saving skills such as CPR, choking procedures, bandaging, splinting, and O2 use.  You will also practice injury, illness and accident assessment.   You will become more confident in your abilities to respond to an emergency situation by practicing these essential skills in workshops throughout the course.  

The knowledge you will learn is not just useful for diving but can be implemented into the day to day life on land.  If you have ever wondered what you would do if you saw a serious emergency, this course will prepare you for such an event, although hopefully, you will never have the need! It will make you prepared in the unlikely even these skills are needed.  

Rescue Open Water

The React Right Course is a 1/2 day and non-diving program designed for divers, it focuses on the most useful rescue techniques of primary and secondary care.  It is usually done in correlation with an SSI Rescue Course as it is a prerequisite to complete the SSI Rescue Course.  This certification or an equivalent first aid certification is also needed for you to become a Master Diver or Dive Master and is a great course to update on regularly.   We offer beginner and update courses as to keep your React Right certification valid you must renew it every 24 months.  

For more information on how to keep your first aid and CPR skills current with Manta Dive, contact us at info@manta-dive-giliair.com.   

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